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Domain Features

SMS Reminding

SMS Reminding

SMS reminding system; when the due time of your domain approaches, it automatically warns you so you can get your domain again before someone else does.
Instant Activation

Instant Activation

After the payment , you domain will be automatically registrated.
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Domain Renewal

You can extend the time of your domain whenever you want through customer interface after payment.
Transfer Management

Transfer Management

After your purchase, in two months time period you can transfer your domain to any company or you can transfer your domain on other companies to your Renklinet account safely.
Whois Hiding

Whois Hiding

If you do not want your information shown on domain search, by using Whois hiding feature you can hide your information!
Whois Management

Whois Management

You can organize or change your domain’s owner information through domain panel.
Domain Lock

Domain Lock

With the domain transfer lock feature, you can change the settings for domain transferring.
Creating Nameserver

Creating Nameserver

By using Nameserver feature you can set specific server names for your domain and you can use these names for your “hosting server”.
Nameserver Directing

Nameserver Directing

You can set your domain's nameserver redirection from your panel to redirect to any server, then you can redirect to different servers in the same way again.

Domain Name Registration and Renewal Prices

Extension Register Renew Transfer
.com $8.72 $8.72 $8.72
.net $9.96 $9.96 $9.96
.org $10.49 $12.68 $12.68
.info $3.14 $12.51 $12.51
.biz $15.21 $15.21 $15.21
.co $30.24 $30.24 $30.24
.in $12.05 $12.05 $12.05
.site $1.04 $32.55 $32.55
.mobi $16.28 $16.28 $16.28
.top $11.30 $11.30 $11.30
.name $10.50 $10.50 $10.50
.host $95.81 $95.81 $95.81
.pro $14.86 $14.86 $14.86
.tv $29.61 $29.61 $29.61
.club $2.09 $16.28 $16.28
.de $7.88 $7.88 $7.88
.us $11.55 $11.55 $11.55
.ru $16.80 $16.80 $16.80
.es $10.50 $10.50 $10.50
.me $3.14 $17.85 $17.85
.bz $24.15 $24.15 $24.15
.ca $13.54 $13.54 $13.54
.cc $13.02 $13.02 $13.02
.cn $18.69 $18.69 $18.69
.la $32.55 $32.55 $32.55

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Domain”?

The domain name can be called the name of a website. You can think of it this way, a store has a full address and in addition to the open address, this store also has a name. The domain name is like the store name on the internet.

How can I get a “Domain”?

In order to get a domain name, you first make sure that the name and extension you want to buy has not been purchased by someone else. To do this you can query from our "Renklinet domain name registration" page, you can proceed to the purchasing step if the domain is available. After registration and payment, your domain name will be activated automatically by the system.

Which one to choose and what are the differences?

Most widely used domain extensions around the world can be listed as “.com”,“.net”, “.org”. .

A lot of people usually thinks that the domain name only consists of “.com” but if the “.com” extension of the domain you want to choose is available it is preferred, if it is being used you can choose other popular extensions like “.net” “.org” “.biz” “.info”. The effect of extensions by the searching is very low, but there is a difference in awareness. Other than that, to set up a corporate website, “.com”, “.com.tr” extensions are the first picks to be taken by someone else, you can purchase these popular extensions and protect your brand.

What should I pay attention to while buying domain?

When buying a domain, you have to be careful that it does not contain Turkish letters, it should not be difficult to remember names or be careful not to make it too long. Before purchasing, you have to make sure that the domain you have chosen is correct because you can not change it afterwards and you may have to obtain a new domain.

Can I have more than one domain?

There is no limit for purchasing a domain. You can purchase any domain that has not been taken.

How can I transfer a domain?

To transfer a domain, after the purchase, 60 days must pass.Just like before, it has to complete 60 days after the transfer. You can transfer the domain which suits these conditions to any company you want with the EPP (Transfer code) which you can obtain in the domain panel.

How long does it take the domain to be delivered after the purchase?

The domain name will be automatically activated by the system if you make the payment after the purchase.

How can I administrate my domain?

After purchasing your domain, you can view it on your customer panel and perform all administrative operations from Renklinet domain panel.

What should I do when my domain name expires?

Before your domain expires, you can renew your domain by extending the domain duration from the Renklinet customer panel. In addition to this, the system will warn you 15 days before your domain expires and will send you a notification.

How can I learn how much time is left for my domain?

You can see the remaining time of your domain name on the Renklinet domain panel, or you can query and learn your domain name from any “Whois” website.

What is a “.tr” extension?

“.TR”domains are the domains special to Turkey and are sold by ODTÜ. To buy a “.TR” extension you need some specific documents, people who has these documents can buy “.TR” extensions.

How can I purchase a domain with “.TR” extension?

If the domain you want to buy is available,you can buy it if you provide necessary documents .

To learn what documents you need, click on this link: .

What happens if I don't renew my domain?

After your domain expires, you will be granted 5 days to renew it. If you do not renew it, the recovering phase starts where you can recover by paying recovering fee. However, if no recovery is made within this time period, the domain can be purchased again by someone else. You may not be able to purchase the domain again.

How can I hide my name in domain query (“Whois”hiding)?

Many domains can use “Whois” hiding feature. To hide “Whois” information of supported domains, you can login to your Renklinet domain panel and perform it from the management interface.

Am I allowed to do DNS management?

You need a DNS server to perform DNS management, then you can redirect your domain nameserver information to the DNS server and perform DNS management.

Am I allowed to do Nameserver updating?

You can update your domain nameserver from the administration screen by logging in to your Renklinet domain panel.