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1 GB Disk Space
20 GB Monthly Traffic
2 Site Hosting

Unlimited E-Mail
Unlimited MySQL
Unlimited FTP Account
Linux - DirectAdmin
LiteSpeed - Cloudlinux
Instant Installation
20% Cpu
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3 GB Disk Space
30 GB Monthly Traffic
5 Site Hosting

Unlimited Email
Unlimited MySQL
Unlimited FTP Account
Linux - DirectAdmin
LiteSpeed - Cloudlinux
Instant Installation
20% Cpu
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6 GB Disk Space
60 GB Monthly Traffic
10 Site Hosting

Unlimited Email
Unlimited MySQL
Unlimited FTP Account
Linux - DirectAdmin
LiteSpeed - Cloudlinux
Instant Installation
20% Cpu
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One Click Installation

One Click Installation

With the "softaculous" plug-in we offer in our web hosting panel, you can install hundreds of available software such as “opencart”, “wordpress” and “joomla” with a single click.

Super Fast Websites

Super Fast Websites

We build the highest quality technical infrastructure for our web servers, then optimize them and maximize server performance. In this way, your web site runs at rocket speed.

haftalil otomatik yedekleme

Weekly Automatic Backup

All our hosting servers are backed up weekly as a standard. In this way, we reach the backed up data in case of a negative situation and prevent big data losses.

7/24 Monitoring System

7/24 Monitoring System

System resources and traffic flow of our servers are monitored by our personnel 24/7 and alarm systems are available. In case of any negative situation, action is taken immediately, possible failures are prevented and interruptions are fixed as soon as possible.

Do you need a hosting solution ?
ucretsiz ssl

Ücretsiz SSL Sertifikası

SSL certificates is neccesary for websites to accomplishes an encryped connection between two hosts.

SSL certificates make your site more reliable and increase search engine results.

Renklinet provides Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for free.

Ücretsiz Web Site Taşıma

We transport your web site to Renklinet and save you from possible problems and bother.

Free transport is limited 20 domain. If you want more, please contact us.

web site tasima

Gelişmiş Kontrol Paneli

Tüm hosting sunucularımız da dünya genelinde en çok tercih edilen kontrol panellerinden olan Directadmin kontrol panelini kullanıyoruz çok gelişmiş özellikler sunmasına rağmen kullanıcı deneyimini en üst düzeye çıkartacak arayüz tasarımı ile en iyi müşteri deneyimini sunmaktadır üstelik tamamen Türkçe dil desteği sayesinde anlaşılması son derece kolay bir hal alıyor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Web Hosting means?

To build a website, basically you need two components: One of them is “Domain” and the other one is “Web Hosting”. After registering your domain, the service that will perform all the functions of your domain on the internet world is “Web Hosting” service.

Web hosting services; is the name given to all services installed on the server infrastructure. Examples of these services are; php, mysql, ftp.

After you get your web hosting service, you can upload your website files, create mysql database, create mail accounts and have many other features.

Why do I need to buy Hosting?

To publish your website on the internet, you need web hosting. If you want to publish your website without buying web hosting, you need to buy virtual or physical servers and install all the web services by yourself, these processes are extremely professional and time-consuming. For this reason, the most ideal solution for setting up a website is the web hosting service unless something special required.

What are the differences between hosting for Linux and Windows?

The main differences betweenhosting for Linux and Windows, as the name suggests is the operating system used in the infrastructure.

To give examples for differences, web services that run on the server also differ. However, the most basic factor is Linux hosting system runs “PHP”, Windows hosting runs “ASP” systems.

The most widely used systems today are mostly Linux systems; for example include “wordpress”, “opencart”, “joomla” and forum systems.

Can I upgrade my current package to upper level?

You received the most suitable hosting package for your project or budget, but then the package features became insufficient, you can switch from the customer panel to a higher package at any time without any data loss or interruption. Just pay the price difference between packages.

What is a “LiteSpeed”?

Nowadays free web servers are available and the most popular one is the “Apache” web service. On the other hand, “Litespeed” is a paid web server service. We can assume that it is the most used paid web service in the World.

Generally, hardware/performance, workload capacity, stability and website response time are superior to Apache in every way.

What is CloudLinux?

Although CloudLinux is a paid software, it is a way to go for shared hosting servers.

CloudLinux currently being used on Linux hosting servers since 2009. Its function is to set and manage limits on system resources for each hosting account. This way it helps to keep stability of hosting server. In additionto this Cloudlinux, which offers “Cagefs” feature, takes all hosting accounts into skeletal structure.

Which hosting package should I choose and what are the diffferences?

The differences between our hosting packages are; CPU, RAM, isk space, number of domains that can be hosted, mysql account, mail account and monthly traffic.

How long does it take to receive the hosting service?

Once you place your hosting order, simply pay the bill and the system will automatically activate your service.

Am I paying any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees in our hosting services and hosting contracts.

Can I transfer my hosting to Renklinet?

You can move your website and websites from any hosting company to Renklinet hosting packages.

You can get help from our technical support team for free!

Which scripts can I install on the hosting service?

You can run “wordpress”, ”opencart”, “joomla” and hundreds of web scriptsthat are widely used in the World on our hosting services. In addition to this,you can easily run many custom themes and systems!

What is SSL and why do you pay for it?

SSL certificate is the name of the system that checks the accuracy of the sites and ensures that communication between two points is done over the encrypted channel.

One of the main reasons why you need to receive SSL is that, today SSL certificate is known as a security tag and websites appear green in the address bar.

One of the other reasons is to put your website to better places by search engines.

We can provide SSL certificate for free in our system thanks to the service provided by ”Let’s Encrypt”!

Can I get an address like “info@example.com”?

After receiving your hosting service, you can create e-mail accounts with your desired name such as info, information, accounting and you can use the accounts you have created.

Do you back-up my files regularly?

All our hosting packages are automatically backed up every Sunday night. In case of failure and data loss, these backups are restored and data losses can be prevented.