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Since the day our company was founded, we have been serving computer technologies. At first, we were answering the demand of institutions and organizations but then developing technology and the internet guided us to server solutions. Besides, our founder who is a big fan of internet Eyüp Gökhan ÇAYIR predicted that future can not be seperated from the internet and he set up the company as a solution for data centers. He succeeded on Internet and Technology under the name of Domain, Hosting, Cloud Server and Dedicated Server.

In the year 2018, Renklinet was oriented towards marketing Internet and Technology services and main goal for our customer base is to provide all data center solutions such as server, internet and Technical area of the companies whose main activity is based on the internet. Software companies, Chain Stores, Factories do join this customer base everyday.

If we mention our team; they are enduring, eager and professional on their work. Every member of our team was carefully selected, they had the chance of joining our team after meeting the criteria.The value we gave to our team; every member of our team forms a basis so that’s why we provide them the best working conditions thus they can concentrate on their work and do their best!